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If you like playing online games that have cute graphics and challenging levels, then you should play the Fancy Pants series. In this game, the Fancy Pants man is the playable character of the series who is wearing triangular shaped pants. He comes across several obstacles in each level of the game. He even has to defeat the enemies like spider, snail, and mice by jumping on them. Overall, it is an engrossing game for kids aged 7 and above. So, are you ready for some fun-time?

Fancy Pants 1

This is the first installment of the amazing series that is been created by Brad Borne. Your game avatar is that of a Fancy Pants Man who is a two-dimensional stick figure. The game is an entertaining one, as you need to earn several trophies and different colored pants. You can procure a secret power-up in the game, which is available in the form of wall jump. In the last level of this game you need to fight against a ‘boss,’ which is an angry penguin. The penguin is angry as he was awakened by the Fancy Pants man.

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Fancy Pants 2

New tricks and challenges have been introduced in this game. The main gameplay in this installment is that an angry rabbit has stolen Fancy Pant’s ice-cream, so you need to plan well and defeat the rabbit. The number of levels, colors, and trophies has increased in this game as compared to the Fancy Pants 1 game. You need to complete 6 Levels and 6 Extra Levels for reaching the rabbit’s hideout. The game continues with a fight between both and if Fancy Pants Man wins the fight, then he will get back his ice cream.

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Fancy Pants 3

The pirates have kidnapped Fancy Pants sister, Cutie Pants. You need to rescue her from the clutches of the pirates. Even though there is no real danger for Cutie Pants, but the enemies will keep you engrossed in the game. Just ensure that you jump on all the snails and collect its shell as it will enable you to kill other enemies quickly. The graphics are extremely impressive in this game. You need to be a good swimmer and a fast runner to complete the several levels in this installment. New enemies are introduced in this game, which include parrots, ducks, bats, frogs, and ninjas. However, your ability to wall run will enable you to reach the new stages of the game effortlessly.

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Fancy Pants 4

Fancy Pants Man has found his long lost brothers in the game and realizes that the eldest one has made a deal with the pirates. These evil pirates are the same ones who had kidnapped Cutie Pants Girl in the 3rd installment of the game. Your mission in the game is to kill the pirates so that the eldest brother is left all alone to be handled in the last level of the game. So, get ready for some real fun and adventure in this installment of the series.

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Fancy Pants 5

The story continues with another gripping action-packed game. There are several achievements that can be procured in the numerous levels. The expectation to earn these achievements will keep you captivated to your screens. Controlling the game is simple and easy, so have a nice time while procuring several stars and trophies.

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Fancy Pants Adventures

Think you can collect the numerous trophies in the game? Then, think again! There are several trophies available in the various stages of the game and collecting all of them will surely keep you hooked to your screens. Moreover, you can use the Super-Speed run and make your game avatar run at full speed so that he can dodge the enemies effortlessly.

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Fancy Pants REMIX

Customize your Fancy Pants Man with some new pants and hats and make him ready to travel through various maps. There are several locked doors in this game and you need to purchase keys for opening them. These doors lead to special hats and challenges. In Level 3 you will come across a pencil that will keep cutting the mountains and the walls. This will make your game an extremely engrossing one. Will you be able to kick that pencil out? Start playing the game and find it for yourself!

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