Fancy Pants 1

Fancy Pants 1 is a fun to play game with a fair amount of challenges. The graphics are super cool and the main character of the game is cute, which makes it a great game for kids! Your mission in the game is to enable your game avatar; the Fancy Pants Man to reach new levels quickly by avoiding the enemies.

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There are tons of levels and extras that you will come across in the game. Your game avatar can run up walls, perform amazing back flips and jumps, so that he can clear the levels easily. Moreover, earning the hidden trophies in the game is quite tricky, so get ready for some adventure! Some of the trophies that you can earn are:

  • Stande: Adventure Mode
  • The Kid
  • Rocky Pinnicle
  • Eric the Juiceman
  • The Knight in Training

Controlling the game is very easy to master. Use the Left and Right Arrow key to move, the ‘S’ key is to Jump. The Up Arrow key is to Open doors, and ‘Down’ key is to Duck. The Space key will Pause the game and the ‘M’ key will Mute the Music. To view the trophy, you need to hit an icon once and for going to the relevant website hit it twice.

>> Play Fancy Pants 1 <<


Even though the game is quite easy; however, the youngsters may get stuck up at some of the levels. So, to make their game easier, here are some tips to keep handy:

  • You should always Duck while on a slant or landing to roll.
  • Trophies can be found in bonus rooms throughout the adventure.
  • Once you reach a level, you can play it again by going to the level selection in the beginning of the game.
  • You get three lives in the beginning of the game and if the spiders kill you thrice, you will lose a life.
  • Run and jump into a wall while holding the Down arrow key.
  • As soon as you hit the wall, press Jump again and spring off the wall.
  • The speed of your game avatar will make you reach new stages, so be quick.
  • You can customize your game avatar with over 140 fancy accessories, so keep enjoying!
  • The Fancy Arcade even has a few mini-games that you can play.
  • Hold the Left and Right Arrow keys to launch the Super-Speed Run. This will enable your avatar to run up curved walls and reach the ledges that seems to be impossible.
  • The special springs available in the game will enable you to jump to high heights.
  • Keep track of the health bar on the left corner of the screen.
  • You can also check the number of lives that are remaining in the game.
  • Try to cross as many doors as possible because they will bring bonus levels and extra lives.

The game will enable you to earn several power-ups in various levels like the Wall Jump power up. So, keep looking for them as they can be helpful to you even in the next installment of the game. Overall, the Fancy Pants 1 is an interesting game and will keep you hooked to the screen.