Fancy Pants 2

Fancy Pants 2 is an engrossing game for kids, wherein the Fancy Pants man keeps running, jumping, and dodging the way. You will come across many huge spiders and snails in your way and you need to jump on them in order to defeat them. However, avoid the several obstacles that come on your way and keep collecting the squiggles that are floating in mid-air to gain health bonus and points. You have to survive all 6 levels of the game in order to face the final level i.e. ‘boss.’

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In the beginning of the game you will notice 7 doors. The first door is for you to start playing the game. Few doors will be locked and can be unlocked by winning some trophies or new colors in the game. The game’s challenging level design makes it a perfect game for players aged 7 and above. It is a great game for kids as it enhances their memory and ability to focus. The gameplay revolves around an angry rabbit who has stolen Fancy Pants Man’s ice-cream. So, you need to get the ice-cream back by completing various levels and running through different stages that include Ink Spill, Under Green, Dessert Climb, Snailshell Valley, and many more.

The controls of the game are simple and user-friendly for kids. You need to use the Arrow keys for movement. The Up key will let you enter the doors and the Down key will be for ducks, slides, or rolls. The ‘S’ Key is for Jump. You should hold the Down key while landing to slide forward. If you want to change your Jump while wall jumping, then hold Up or Down key. Hold Jump while stomping an enemy to jump higher. The ‘Q’ key can be used to go to the Main Menu.

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It is an addictive game and the younger generation is going to have a blast while playing it. Here are some tips that will keep the kids glued to their favorite game:

  • You will come across several spiders and snails, so you need to jump on them so that they are killed instantly.
  • You need to keep track on the health meter and the lives that are remaining for you in the game by checking the left corner of the screen.
  • When you come across a snail, jump on it and keep its shell.
  • The shell can be used later on to hit the bunny. You will require a couple of shells to kill the bunny.
  • In every level of the game, you will come across a snail and a fancy Golf ball hole.
  • You can start ‘wall jumping’ by hitting the wall at a good speed or holding the direction towards the wall.
  • Press the Space key and then the ‘Q’ key after you go through the door. This will enable you to change colors of your pants and to keep a track on your trophies.

Exciting, isn’t it? So, get ready for some fun-time with the entertaining Fancy Pants 2 online game!