Fancy Pants 3

Do you want to help the Fancy Pants Man to rescue the Cutie Pants Girl from the pirates? If yes, then start playing the Fancy Pants 3 game right away! Moreover, if you are new to the Fancy Pants game series, then you can check the tutorial that is provided in the beginning of the game.

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It is an informative one, that provides details on how your Fancy Pants Man will slide, run, climb walls, etc. You will come across several challenging levels and trophies in the game. So, keep searching for them and try to collect all the trophies. The game has some silly humor that can be enjoyed by young children. It is a perfect game for kids who are above the age of 8.

The controls are extremely simple and have not changed from the previous games. Use the Arrow keys for movement of your game avatar, which is the Fancy Pants Man in this game. The ‘S’ key has to be used for Jumps and Stomps. The Up Arrow key has to be used for entering the various doors. The Down key is to be used for sliding and rolling. The ‘A’ key is to attack, but can be used only after you procure the pencil in the game.

>> Play Fancy Pants 3 <<


The game play revolves around finding Cutie Pants Girl as she has been kidnapped by the pirates. She is Fancy Pants Man’s sister and needs his help for rescuing her. This version of the game is different than the previous ones. There are some engrossing water-based levels here, so ensure that your game avatar is good at swimming. The pirates and the ninjas make the game more complex.

So, you will have to make use of the below-mentioned tips and tricks to have an enjoyable time while playing the popular Fancy Pants 3 game:

  • Check the health bar that is displayed on the head of the enemy. This will provide you an idea of how much effort will be required to kill them.
  • If you have already played the previous series of the game, then killing the spiders will be much easier.
  • Pencil Combat and Spin Attack are some of the innovative ways to attack the enemies.
  • Use the Wall Run ability of the Fancy Pants Man so that new stages are accomplished quickly.
  • At some instances, jumping alone is not enough. So, you need to use your momentum while jumping and you might be able to jump much higher.
  • If you want to attack the enemy in a different and quick manner, then hold the Down key while running to kill an enemy. Or, you can also hold the Down key while landing to perform a boost slide.
  • Always hold towards the wall to start wall jumping. Once you start wall jumping, you just need to use the Jump key instead of the Arrow keys.

So, use your wits and rescue the Cutie Pants Girl from the clutches of the pirates and the ninjas. The game is surely going to keep you busy all through the day. Happy gaming!