Fancy Pants 4

Hey, are you ready to meet the crazy haired, thin stick figure wearing colorful baggy pants over again? Then, it’s time for you to start playing the most awaited Fancy Pants 4 online game. The game is perfect for kids aged 7 and above, but it can also be enjoyed by adults. So, start jumping, sliding, spinning and rolling your way to victory with the action-packed adventurous game. You are sure to get addicted to the game in no time!

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The Fancy Pants Man has to fight with the evil pirates in this installment of the game. These pirates are the same ones who had kidnapped Cutie Pants Girl in the previous game. Now, they have befriended the eldest brother of Fancy Pants Man and want to take revenge. Last time you were strong enough to save Cutie Pants Girl, but this time you need to be really tough and quick to kill the evil pirates.

The basic controls of the game are similar to the previous series of Fancy Pants, so kids won’t have trouble in playing the game. The Arrow key has to be used for movement. Use the Left and Right key for movement in the left and right direction respectively. The ‘S’ key has to be used for Jump and the Up Arrow key is for opening and entering the doors. The Down Arrow key is for sliding through the walls and rolling through the hillsides. The Space Key is for Pausing the game.

>> Play Fancy Pants 4 <<


The game is very easy to play and will keep the young ones involved till the end. Moreover, you can check these tips and tricks out before you start playing the game as they will help you to procure several points and make you reach the final level of the game:

  • If you want your Fancy Pants Man to keep sliding against the wall for gaining points, then press the Left or Right Arrow keys.
  • Wall Jumping can be started by pressing the jump key, once your game avatar is pressed against a wall. Wall Jumping is the easiest way to leap tall buildings quickly.
  • No need to use the Left and Right key while wall jumping. Let the Jump key do its magic!
  • Ensure that you perform several back flips in the bonus rounds to gain additional points.
  • Keep collecting the stars and other collectable items from the bonus rounds throughout each level of the game. These items will provide loads of points for you to brag about among your friends.
  • There will be several trophies to be collected while playing the game. These will enable you to reach new levels quickly.
  • The final level of the game is where you need to fight with the ‘boss.’ In this version of the game, the elder brother of Fancy Pants Man is the boss that needs to be defeated.

So, stay calm and keep running to reach the final level of this engrossing game. You are certainly going to have an entertaining time while playing the wonderful Fancy Pants 4 game.