Fancy Pants 5

The popular Fancy Pants Series is back with another gripping action-packed game. The Fancy Pants 5 is a fast-paced adventurous online game that is inbuilt with several exciting twists. Your game avatar is that of a spiky haired Fancy Pants Man who has to run quickly through each level. There will be several obstacles and enemies that come across your way, so be careful.

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There are numerous levels in the game and the last one is where you need to fight with the ‘boss.’ Each level is filled with action and adventure as you come across many spiders and enemies. You will find some doors in each level and you need to enter through them to reach a new location. Behind every door there will be new adventures waiting for you. Moreover, you will even come across many stars and trophies in each level, so don’t forget to collect all of them. These will increase your scores and even provide more lives.

Playing the game is simple, as it has been created with care so that the younger generation can enjoy the game completely. The controls of the game are similar to the previous versions of the series.

  • You need to use the Arrow key for moving your Fancy Pants Man in the left and the right direction.
  • The Up arrow key has to be used for entering the doors.
  • The Down arrow key is for sliding, rolling, and duck.
  • Make use of the ‘S’ key to Jump, and the Space Bar to Pause the game or open the Options Panel.

The Options Panel will enable you to customize your game avatar as you can select the color of the pants that you want your avatar to wear. You can also customize the controls of the game through the panel.

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You will come across several achievements in the game that you need to procure with a lot of patience and determination. The Juggler Achievement can be accomplished by juggling a shell 10 times before it touches the ground. The shell can touch the walls but not the ground.

A simple technique that you could use here is that, move the shell to the trampoline and stand on it. This will make the shell jump on the trampoline 10 times without touching the ground. Similarly, you can use different tactics for earning the achievements that are available in each level of the game. Keep playing and have a wonderful time with Fancy Pants 5!