Fancy Pants Adventures

If you are looking for the ultimate adventure in flash games, then head straight for Fancy Pants Adventures! The game has already won hearts of many across the globe. After all, one finds several elements of adventure, action, and puzzle implemented into the whole game style. Moreover, the slick graphics and perfect audio effects add fun to the game.

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You are sure to enjoy the brilliant gameplay in Fancy Pants that is just perfect for the novices and seasoned players. The simple and visually interesting graphics carry a hand-drawn feel, and the overall effect is unique and charming. Your game avatar; the stick figure has spiky, choppy hair and the flashiest pair of colored pants that you have ever seen.

The best part about Fancy Pants is that it is very simple game to play and those uncomplicated controls make things even easier. Within no time, the kids will be able to learn the controls of the game and make the Fancy Pants Man jump, run up walls, and spin at amazing speeds. So, here are the controls of the game:

  • Use the Left and Right arrow keys for movement.
  • Make use of the Up arrow key to open doors.
  • You can use the Down arrow key to roll down the hill or to duck.
  • The ‘S’ key can be used to jump and Spacebar to pause the game.

In each level, you need to keep collecting power-ups and squiggles. These will enable you to kill the baddies quickly. Every level is different and creative and carries special trophies. Some of the trophies that you could collect are Rocky Pinnicle, The Kid, Eric the Juiceman, etc. As you keep progressing in the game, you feel like on a different platform with a unique set of adventure.

>> Play Fancy Pants Adventures <<


Even though the game is extremely simple to play, but some of the tricky levels might make the kids confused. So, to make their game easier, here are some strategies that they could follow:

  • Kill the spiders by jumping on them.
  • Always duck when you are landing to roll or on a slanting position.
  • If you feel that you have not completed the level well then play it again by selecting them in the beginning of the game.
  • Enhance your speed as this will make you reach new stages quickly. You can even launch the Super-Speed run by using the arrow keys.
  • The various doors available in each level are filled with adventure and trophies. So, try to enter all of them.

Interesting, isn’t it? Go ahead and check out the Fancy Pants Adventures right away!