Fancy Pants REMIX

Are you ready for some entertaining time with the Fancy Pants Man? Then, it’s time to explore the new installment of the Fancy Pants series. The Fancy Pants REMIX is quite different than its counterpart as it is filled with new levels, secrets, and surprises to keep you hooked to your screens. There are numerous pants and hats that you can use for customizing your Fancy Pants Man. So, enjoy while playing a REMIX of the popular Fancy Pants series.

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The controls of the game are easy and user-friendly for kids and this is the reason that they enjoy playing the game completely. You need to use the Arrow keys for moving your game avatar to the Left and Right. The ‘S’ key is for jumping, and Down Arrow key is for Duck. For running to slide, moving backwards to roll, or landing to slide boost, you need to hold the Down arrow key.

Listed below are some features of the game that makes it different from the original one:

  • You can purchase keys for opening locked doors, earning special hats, and much more.
  • Several maps are added in the game to make it more adventurous.
  • You will come across five levels in the game out of which the last one will be a boss battle.
  • There are some hidden doors and passages that lead to extremely creative challenges.

There are several normal keys and fancy keys that you could purchase in the game. These keys include the Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Extra Fancy Keys. They will enable you to progress in the new levels quickly. You can also earn special pants and hats for your game avatar with these keys.

>> Play Fancy Pants REMIX <<


Although, the game is simple, there are many kids who find it tough to reach the new levels of the game quickly. So, they can check these tips out, as it will help them in the game tremendously:

  • Always make use of the blue ball as it can break through the mountains.
  • The wall jump is a unique achievement that will help you to escape through the evil rising ink.
  • The Level 3 is a tricky one as the pencil will keep cutting the mountains and the walls, so there are more chances of you losing lives. However, you can even use the drawing of the pencil as a ropeway.
  • Be careful of the spiders, ravines, and the mice with the gun, as all these baddies will keep increasing when you progress to different levels in the game.
  • Try to walk through the bushes as there are hidden trampolines in it that will help you to jump higher.
  • If the pencil does not allow you to move, kick it hard to break its lead and then run at full-speed to come out of the level.

Overall, the Fancy Pants REMIX is an engaging online game that can keep you occupied for some days. So, if you are looking for some leisure time this weekend, then start having fun with the Fancy Pants Man.